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Doing your tax return by Email

Due to the COVID-19 situation, and in order to minimize the risk of infection, The Tax Centre is now accepting documents by email.

How does it work?

Step # 1

Submit a new client info form through our website. 

Step # 2 

Scan your tax slips in one PDF file.

Step # 3

Email it to:

Step # 4

You will receive a call when the tax return is ready or to discuss it with you.

Step # 5

Will email you form T183 for your electronic signature and tax package for your records.

Step # 6

You send us E-transfer for the fee of service.

Please note the following:

* One PDF file per spouse (T4 - T5 - RRSP - Tuition- Rent or Property tax).

* One PDF file for Medical Receipts (For both spouses together).

* One PDF file for Donations Receipts.

* One PDF for other.

* For single client one PDF for everything.

Thanks and stay safe.

The Tax Centre 

      Please contact us @

      Paris : 519 442 5588

Waterloo : 226 444 4064

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